A brief introduction on OMIC Tools

Visualizing the brain networks with neuTube

New Edition Release


We have released our software for reconstructing neurons from bright-field images!

neuTube 1.0z Release Notes

Patch 2017.01.09

  • Fixed a file name bug in the Windows version
  • Added more camera setting options for 3D visualization
  • Several other minor bug fixes

Patch 2016.06.09

Note: this is supposed be the last release supporting Mac OSX 10.9 or lower

  • Improved automatic tracing
  • Several bug fixes

Important changes

  • Shift+’Mouse wheel’ is no longer zooming but fast scrolling. Use Ctrl/Cmd+’Mouse wheel’ instead for zooming. You can also press right button down and drag to zoom in/out.
  • Terminal node color is changed to orange.

New functions

  • Automatic radius estimation after extending a branch with path searching
  • Use bound box to select nodes in 3D widow (Shift+R to draw a box and then hit [Shift]+S to add or refresh selection)
  • Improved skeleton view in 2D window