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Great news! We have released our software for reconstructing neurons from bright-field images!

Build Version 1.0z (patched 2017.01.09)

Build 1.0z.2017.01 OS X 10.7+

SHA1( 53c9132470b0e5cb2a0cc5e228f6045fc31633f5

Build 1.0z.2017.01 Windows 64-bit

SHA1( 4cdb683f2e1df8438c8c5b0c47e535ac846a396f

Source code

The branch to clone is neutube.

Test Image

1024 x 1024 x 98 Tiff Image (61MB)

Example Image With One Reconstructed SWC

Example Neuron Image

2014 x 4890 x 99 Tiff Image, ~500 MB, Voxel Size 0.103783 x 0.103783 x 0.523817 µm
CA1 neuron imaged with Zeiss LSM confocal microscope
Detailed image acquisition parameters can be found in
Kim J, Zhao T, Petralia RS, Yu Y, Peng H, Myers E, Magee JC (2012) mGRASP enables mapping mammalian synaptic connectivity with light microscopy. Nat Methods 9:96–102

Example Reconstructed SWC

Qt SDK and Compiler for Windows Build

Qt SDK and Compiler For Windows Build

SHA1(qt-4.8.7-x64-mingw510r0-seh.exe)= a7beaad7f1d02b75e87323c76b748775b6ae3f0a

Old Versions

Build Version 1.0z (2016.06.09)

Build 1.0z.2016 OS X 10.7+

SHA1( 63394e0394af1eb351c4b8841d4a5a276874548a

Build 1.0z.2016 Windows 64-bit

SHA1( 6a9aa25033ebe3a9f466c3185333951aa1e3ca73

Build Version 1.0z (2015.10.14)

Build 1.0z OS X 10.7+

SHA1( 0f8dec2ac2b87d5f349588cef246f516d1c3d095

Build 1.0z Windows 64-bit

SHA1( e2b5a4b0a3d7c4181cbd9d6135d18ff6e0064cce

Build Version 1.0x (2015.01.30)

Build 1.0x OS X 10.7+

SHA1( a0b7a0163e3891fbe2b923545a3ac6545ed1ad63

Build 1.0x Windows 64-bit

SHA1( 046ea1a39d2c1fee5c9f6aac22f94472bf9ec0a0

Build Version 1.0 (2014.06.03)

Build 1.0 OS X 10.6+

SHA1( e4ddd58030253b747bc75eda8a6cffcb40e9aaf7

Build 1.0 Windows 64-bit

SHA1( fd894ca4adb39adf8e7bb49f47c14cd4eab70cc5

Build 1.0 Fedora

SHA1(neuTube1_0_fedora.tar.gz)= 373acd1e14e8da168ef0233f9cb32ad1654e362c

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